Teen sex slave escapes Sydney house


Police have revealed they have more questions than answers after a teenage girl from West Africa was kept as a sex slave in Sydney.

The girl, referred to in U.S. court documents as "Jane Doe", was reported missing on April 11 and a search of flight records revealed she had left the country, the Australian Federal Police said.

Police are searching for a woman hailed as a Good Samaritan who found the 17-year-old after she escaped in the early hours from a Sydney home on 27 April and dropped her at the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown.

New South Wales Police are appealing for information to identify "Nicole", said to drive a small red hatchback, as a key witness in identifying the location of where the woman was held.

He then drove her to a house in suburban Sydney where she was held captive.

The force's acting superintendent Mick Haddow said: "This person has done the right thing, absolutely done the right thing, looked after the girl, took her in her vehicle and then conveyed her to that centre".

Sean Price, 39, is behind bars in a NY jail accused of contacting the 16-year-old from Lindfield on Sydney's upper north shore on Snapchat in October 2016 and enticing her overseas for sex.

"This has been a very, very hard investigation, there are cultural issues, language issues to deal with", he said.

In early April, the girl travelled with him from Guinea to Sydney, flying via Paris, which took a number of days.

The teenager was taken to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for treatment following consultation with the Anti-Slavery Unit at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The Australian Federal Police's Human Trafficking Unit has also launched an investigation into the incident and is attempting to identify the man who brought the teenager to Australia.