Stephen Colbert Dear Trump, Please Resign ... On Heels of Intel Leak


Stephen Colbert is really anxious (wink, wink) about what Donald Trump's latest presidential shenanigans might mean for his future Late Show monologues.

Stephen Colbert called for President Donald Trump to step down after a report that he had revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats.

And, like Spicer, Colbert said that, in making his appearance at CBS's Upfront he will "say whatever my boss tells me to and then leave without having answered any of your questions".

Last week, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey - news that broke just 10 minutes before Colbert began taping. He also delivered a brief topical monologue, noting "The Late Show's" ratings rise, riffing on the scandal consuming the new administration and - lest we forget the goal of the evening - plugging his network's lineup. "It is an honor every night to be onstage and talk about that day's Trump scandal", said Colbert.

"Of course, no press conferences might mean no Sean Spicer, but Trump put that rumor to rest - sort of", Colbert said as he aired footage of the president calling the press secretary "a wonderful human being, a nice man".

Colbert came to his CBS colleague's defense with a string of searing one-liners about Trump during his monologue on May 1.

"It's a great year for the Late Show", Colbert said, "and I could not have done it without a visionary leader, and a legend of television who made the Late Show what it is".

"I will say, the president and I do have some things in common". Who knows what Colbert will have to say after the New York Times reports that Trump allegedly asked Comey to stop investigating Trump's camp's ties to Russian Federation. Late show hosts are doing their best to keep it light and make fun of all of this but at some point I hope we can expect a day of complete seriousness from these guys. "Were No.1 in 6-12 year old politically engaged insomniacs!" The host focused on Trump's recent tweet, a vague threat suggesting he would release tapes of conversations he had with Comey if he leaked anything to the media.