Software update allows all 2016 Ford cars to use Android Auto


Retroactively offering this kind of thing to auto owners is a definite change in tone for auto makers, since they typically use these kinds of things as incentives to get people interested in vehicle model updates.

If your vehicle doesn't have a manufacturer-supported Android Auto option, there are aftermarket receivers available with pricing starting in the $300 range and Pioneer added five new models just yesterday that support both Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay.

Whereas standalone Android Auto or CarPlay head units can set drivers back hundreds, this over-the-air update comes completely free of charge {/pullquote}. One way is to simply go to your local Ford dealership and have one of its service employees install the update for you.

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iPhone users hoping to add CarPlay functionality will need a visit to their dealer to update the USB hub (via TechCrunch). Like with Android Auto, CarPlay allows integration with the in-car infotainment system, enabling app projection on the SYNC 3 screen, and voice control via Apple's Siri system.

This is also Ford's first software update of such scale, and shows the work of some 400 new software engineers that Ford has recently hired.

Or download the update from this website and install it with a USB drive.

To get the update over-the-air, a Ford SYNC 3-equipped vehicle must have Wi-Fi compatibility and automatic system updates enabled.

This is also the first update that Ford is going to push via Wi-Fi to some of its newer cars.