Singapore gets a huge 'vending machine' for buying luxury cars


Gary Hong, the General Manager, said that this vending machine has been designed with an aim to manage space effectively and use technology to the fullest.

Autobahn Motors is not the only one in the world to utilise this "vending machine" method.

The Singapore facility is built by used vehicle dealer Autobahn Motors (ABM).

It's been billed as the "world's largest luxury auto vending machine" and hosts a range of vehicles, from classic models like the original Mini to the supercars of today made by McLaren and Porsche. Their auto will be delivered to them within two minutes of their payment thanks to a unique "fishbone' delivery system that Covered.Asia experienced in a pre-launch demo previous year".

You can get just about anything from a vending machine - alcohol, electronics, you name it. A video about the customer's chosen auto plays as the vehicle reaches the ground within one to two minutes. Customers can either pick up their auto at one of the vending machines or get free delivery if they live within a 100-mile radius.

ABM however, is not the first auto dealer to come up with the vending machine idea for their used cars.

While we're surely a long way off from seeing auto vending machines in every city, it's pretty cool to see what dealerships can do with limited space.

Forget about soft drinks and potato chips - a "vending machine" in Singapore is offering up luxury vehicles, including Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and even a 1955 Morgan Plus 4. Autobahn Motors showroom in Singapore has been billed as the world's largest luxury vehicle vending machine reports Reuters. "At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative", Hong told Reuters. This structure consists of eight floors and can hold up to 30 cars total.