Planned Parenthood takes state to court over new abortion law


Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, another affiliate of the nation's largest abortion provider, also announced plans to close four of its Iowa facilities, a third of their clinics in the state.

Local four news looked into other options for women's health clinics in the Quad Cities.

Iowa's Republican-led legislature agreed in its recent budget to discontinue a federal Medicaid family planning program and replace it with a state program that bars funding to organizations that provide abortions or maintain facilities where abortions are carried out.

Three Planned Parenthood clinics in New Mexico-one in Albuquerque, one in Rio Rancho and one in Farmington-will close by this fall.

The clinic closures in Sioux City, Burlington, Keokuk and the Quad Cities will effect almost 15,000 patients a year in Iowa, according to HuffPost. In the process, both states gave up millions of dollars of federal funding and set up their own state-run family planning programs. They were eligible for reimbursement for family planning supplies, such as contraception; sexually transmitted infection testing, Pap smears and pelvic exams; drugs, supplies, or devices related to women's health services prescribed by a health care provider; patient education and counseling.

Planned Parenthood often comes under fire for its abortion care. Without this vital resource for reproductive health, all Americans who need safety-net medical services would suffer-patients who get care from Planned Parenthood, yes, but also those who rely on FQHCs, where quality of care would crumble under a wave of patients with nowhere else to go.

"The loss of funding from the Iowa Family Planning Waiver itself is close to $2 million", Allen said.

Planned Parenthood says 14,676 patients will be effected.

Only one licensed abortion clinic remains in the state - a Planned Parenthood center in St. Louis - partly as a result of Missouri's restrictions. Chris Hall and Rep. Tim Kacena called the closing of the Sioux City clinic "troubling", saying it means almost 5,000 women in the area will "lose access to critical health care services like cancer screenings and birth control".

The other centers closing are in Keokuk, Sioux City and Burlington. "If we care about taking care of people, we would fund Planned Parenthood and keep these types of services available", he said after a meeting at the United Food and Commercial Workers union hall on West Central Park Avenue.

Critics charge that, if Trump's White House grants Texas the money, it would be tantamount to approving Texas efforts to restrict Planned Parenthood.

Republicans have long pushed to "defund Planned Parenthood" for providing abortions, but federal law prevents taxpayer dollars from going to the procedure anyway.