Pemberton Festival Cancelled, Bankrupt


"The Trustee will issue formal notice of the bankruptcy proceeding to all known creditors of PMF within 5 days of its appointment". The festival's Twitter account was no longer active.

Meanwhile, tickets are still available for purchase on their website.

"We are extremely disappointed for our fans, artists, and all of our partners who have supported the festival over the years", said Huka Entertainment.

Sure, the stunt isn't a bad piece of self-promotion for WayHome during a summer when the summer-festival market in the Toronto area seems to be contracting slightly from its explosion just a couple of years ago.

Pemberton was set to go down July 16-19., 2017. For the most part, however, cancelled events offer fully automatic refunds to all fans who purchased tickets.

According to The Globe And Mail, tickets for this year's festival started at $369, and buyers are now attempting to cancel their credit-card payments.

"There's been a vast decrease in the number of ticket sales compared to previous year".

A press release from the organizers, Huka Entertainment clarifies that the company itself is not in bankrupt, just the festival, and was not involved with the decision to cancel the event. Instead, they must file a claim through Ernst & Young, which is the festival's trustee in bankruptcy. That has since been remedied, but it's clear that things in the Pemberton Music Festival camp are more than a little out of sorts at the moment. The document says there will be no automatic refunds for ticket holders, who may have to wait weeks to learn whether they will get their money back. As each bank and credit card issuer have their own specific policies, ticketholders are to contact their bank or credit card issuer directly to determine whether a refund can be obtained.

In an interview with Pique on May 1, Huka Entertainment chairman and chief experience officer A.J. Niland spoke of the financial risks associated with the festival.

While it may be a bit longer of a drive than to Pemberton, organizers of Ontario's Way Home Festival are extending an invitation to those stuck with now-useless Pemberton Music Festival tickets.

With many wondering if they are going to get their money back, there are a few options available to you but nothing is guaranteed at this time.