OnePlus 5: This is the Best Look at the Phone till Date


If it's one thing that consumers expect in a flagship smartphone, it's a great camera.

Speaking about the announcement, Etienne Knauer, SVP of Sales and Marketing at DxO, said: "OnePlus has always been one of the leading innovators in the smartphone industry, and we are proud to partner with them and support their exciting mobile photography strategy".

Why partner with DxO?

Interestingly, the newly leaked image is different from the live image leaked on Wednesday, which suggested that the LED will be situated below the camera panel at the back of the device. Earlier the same title was with Google's Pixel smartphone with 89 points.

The Chinese startup announced the partnership on Thursday, saying, "We're happy to announce that we have teamed up with DxO to enhance your photography experience with our upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 5".

While at one point it seems like good move by the company to benefit consumers, at the same time it does raise eyebrows as to what could be the ulterior motive behind this partnership. Probably. This likely means that DxO will help OnePlus to fine-tune the camera on the 5 to produce images that will compete with some of the other highly rated DxO-approved phone makers.

It's not exactly clear how the relationship between OnePlus and DxO will work, but we imagine DxO will be consulting on - or even supplying - image processing for the OnePlus 5. Another rumour around the mill is that OnePlus might have a special 8GB RAM variant with 256GB storage and it could be priced as high as $650, which is roughly Rs. 42,000.

PriceJara claims the OnePlus 5's dual-lens camera is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus' dual-lens camera, but it's unclear if the OnePlus 5's camera will have the same functions as the iPhone 7 Plus. The screen size will be of 5.5-inch.