NBA Draft: Top 10 players under 20


The player most linked to the Lakers in the pre-draft process has been Lonzo Ball.

Pierce, who retired at the end of the season, took to Twitter to acknowledge his hand in the Celtics' lottery fortune. NY received the eighth overall pick, which effectively starts the countdown clock to the Draft on June 22. But we know better.

The Boston Celtics will drat first, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and then the Philadelphia 76ers will make their selection before Phoenix.

The Celtics, of course, gave up their top guys in the trade, so they had to play the waiting game. "We think we're going to add a great player or we're going to have some leverage in discussions with other teams about certain situations that we might entertain", Colangelo said. Boston acquired the Nets' 2014, 2016 and 2018 first-round picks, as well as the rights to swap in 2017.

The ping-pong balls went, as expected, down Boston Celtics' way.

However, the Celtics could also revisit trade talks with teams like the Chicago Bulls or Indiana Pacers for stars Jimmy Butler or Paul George and dangle that No. 1 pick.

"If they got no new players, if they improved defensively, there were so many games we were in, just couldn't get that stop to turn it into a victory". Most mock drafts figure to have the Celtics taking Washington point guard Markelle Fultz with the first pick. They will not get the Los Angeles Lakers' lottery pick until next year. "It just feels like this is a pick we will listen to offers, I'm sure, we will have conversations all the way thru June but, for me, making a first pick is an exciting prospect right now".

"I love Philly, they show me so much love".

If the Suns are to keep the pick however, they could look at drafting De'Angelo Fox or Jayson Tatum as they look to rebuild a young side to compete long into the future.

There's no telling what will happen this offseason if Anthony decides to lift his NTC or not or if Porzingis will let his frustrations get the best of him and carry over to the court? The New York Knicks are in the midst of a unsafe game with their top players, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis but after Tuesday, that black hole got wider.