Massive cat set to break a Guinness World Record


An owner thinks her giant ginger pet could be the world's longest domestic cat.

Omar the ME coon from Melbourne became a star on Instagram, prompting Guinness World Records to contact his owner for his measurements.

But he soon started to grow.

Three-year-old Omar, meanwhile, is fed a diet of human-grade kangaroo meat by his Aussie owners.

Attention around Omar began when his Melbourne owner Stephy Hirst uploaded a picture of the massive moggie to the exceptionally popular 'cats of instagram' account which, unsurprisingly, is dedicated to all things feline and has a whopping 8 million followers. Now he weighs a healthy 14kgs, and needs a dog crate to travel to the vet.

A typical day for Omar includes waking up at 5am for breakfast - a couple of scoops of kibble specially made for maine coons - and napping outside on the trampoline.

Hirst told the BBC that Omar measures 3 feet 11 inches (120 centimeters) in length, which would make him the longest cat in the world.

"We thought he might be [the longest cat in the world] but we hadn't done anything about it because he might not be fully grown yet", she said.

According to Ms Hirst, Omar was a normal sized kitten, no bigger than any of his siblings in the litter, yet within a year he was already 10kgs.

Omar has also displayed a talent for opening doors, kitchen cupboards, shower screens and wardrobes.

The longest cat wakes up at five in the morning, roams around in the house and eats dry cat food.

Once Guinness World Records receives evidence for record attempts, it can take up to 12 weeks for a response.