House may have to vote again on GOP healthcare bill


The House version of HB 111 reduces the base tax rate on oil from 35 percent to 25 percent in an effort to spur increased exploration and development on Alaska's North Slope. It would depend on how many states opt to waive the provision and how many consumers let their coverage lapse. Four senators were reported absent and did not vote on it.

But the delegates' bill differs significantly from one that passed the state Senate earlier this week during special session.

The work done in the House on Thursday happened while members of the West Virginia Senate were on a self-imposed break while they waited for a revenue measure to pass the House. Donna Boley, R-Pleasants.

They must satisfy members who want to set a school-funding target before voting on the tax increases needed to fund it and those who first want to close a projected $900 million gap between revenue and spending over the next two budget years.

And conference committee work hasn't started on Senate Bill 26, the Permanent Fund bill. Larry Rowe said of the measure, "but I don't think it addresses the real policy change that we have to confront ourselves with and that is the budget hole that we've got". If a surcharge is what it takes to adequately fund schools, she says, she'll consider it.

It also eliminated the income tax on military retirement benefits. "Most of the prosperous states in the USA are no income tax states". But the plan also gives states authority to allow insurers to charge them higher rates.

"You've got your leg jammed down a crocodile's mouth, and you're wondering whether you go to Wendy's or Applebees tonight ...", Justice said. It gets rid of the severance tax restructuring. It increased the personal income tax exemption from $2,000 to $2,500 per individual with federally adjusted gross incomes of less than $100,000. "Is the federal government really going to say, 'No, you can't get on a plane?' An entire state can't get on a plane and fly, an entire state that has no other way to get out of the state really". Tax revenue from retail store purchases is declining, he said, as online purchasing grows. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia told reporters.

The Governor's Office estimates the budget gap for the 2018 fiscal year is some $450 million.

Toomey, a member of the select 13-senator group working on a compromise bill, said reducing the funding in 2020 is "probably too sudden and problematic for some state budgets". "What we have got that may not be flawless but what it does is, it balances the budget". She said that is a good thing that is long overdue.

Lawmakers are still considering a number of specified bills that will be brought up.

Both Azinger and Boley voted for Senate Bill 1007.

Unless the Kansas Legislature passes the bill and Gov. Sam Brownback signs it into law, public hospitals, state psychiatric hospitals, and college campuses will have to allow guns starting on July 1, unless those facilities install metal detectors and post security guards at entrances. The same four senators who were absent for the initial vote were marked as absent for this vote.

More like out of an abundance of not wanting to be further embarrassed by headlines saying that the Senate had to refuse the bill because Ryan fucked it up after that big premature celebration party he had with Trump in the White House Rose Garden.

The House adjourned until Wednesday, without discussing the tax bill, having sent it to the Finance Committee.