Health care fight shifts to Senate, where GOP wants a reboot


The contentious debate over overhauling the health care system shifts to the Senate and a moderate Republican, Sen.

"So this is a rescue mission to make sure that we can achieve the goals we all want, which is getting the cost of coverage down and making sure that everyone has access to affordable health care, especially and including people with pre-existing conditions", Ryan said.

CBO's analysis highlighted an $880 billion cut to Medicaid, the federal-state health care program for the poor and disabled, which Price sought to cast as a way to give states more leeway to experiment with the program. "There are increases in spending, but what we're doing is apportioning it in a way that allows states greater flexibility".

The House bill, passed 217-213, would end the health care law's fines on people who don't buy policies and erase its taxes on health industry businesses and higher-earning people.

"It's up to the Senate to make improvements if they're to be made", he said. The measure would also water down the subsidies that help consumers afford health insurance.

Kasich said 700,000 people in OH use Medicaid, and many them have a mental illness, drug addictions or chronic diseases.

The House bill "will be modified here if for no other reason than the rules, the reconciliation rules, would require it", Sen. He celebrated the bill's passage with House Republicans in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, an unusual move following action on a bill by one House of Congress.

The Maine senator said it's "unlikely" that people with pre-existing medical conditions would get the same or better coverage under the House bill than under Obamacare because the legislation would give states freedom on aspects of insurance coverage. The ad will focus on key elements of the American Health Care Act and thank Ryan and fellow Republicans for "keeping their promise" on the health care issue, the group said.

President Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted that Senate Republicans "will not let the American people down" after House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare.

In his Twitter comment, Trump contended, "ObamaCare premiums and deductibles are way up - it was a lie and it is dead!"

"This is one stage in a multistage legislative process", he said.

Collins, however, noted that the credits aren't adjusted for variations in income and geographic regions across the U.S. That "really hurts a state like ME, where we have an older population" living in rural areas where health care is more expensive, she said.

Collins and Ryan appeared on ABC's "This Week" and Priebus was on "Fox News Sunday".