Group linked to NSA spy leaks threatens sale of new tech secrets


The blog post is extremely crude and unclear.

The NSA has not commented on Shadow Brokers since the group emerged a year ago, or the contents of past leaks.

The hacking group that leaked the American spy tool used in last week's ransomware attack has threatened to unleash more sophisticated cyberweapons, bank data and nuclear secrets.

Another national security expert and former top Pentagon official, Michael Sulmeyer, echoed Hayden's fears about the Shadow Brokers "disaster". Of course, anything the Shadow Brokers say should be taken with full shaker of salt.

The group said that it would be launching a serial data dump of hacking tools that supposedly are developed by the United States spy company, National Security Agency (NSA). Another NSA employee was also arrested in 2015, but no information has been released about the individual. Now the group has said that if they found anyone who would is ready to buy they would also exploit the new browsers, Windows 10 OS or any other money transfer system.

In December, Shadow Brokers cancelled its auction and offered to sell the exploits. It is believed that hacking tools that belong to the NSA were leaked online and were used to build into WannaCry ransomware, also known as WannaCrypt, which has ensnared up to 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries.

In April, the group released passwords to the rest of the hacking exploits in a move described as a protest against President Donald Trump for abandoning his base.

"On Tuesday, following the WannaCry attacks, the Shadow Brokers posted a new message online in which they claim to have many more Equation exploits that haven't been leaked yet, the report notes".

"They've proven that these are highly effective tools in their possession, so people are going to be very interested in purchasing this, especially other criminals", Sean Dillon, a senior security analyst at RiskSense said.

Most of the vulnerabilities targeted by the leaked exploits had already been patched by that time, including EternalBlue, which Microsoft fixed in March.

The Shadow Brokers said it made a decision to share screenshots from the NSA Equation Group's lost 2013 Windows Ops Disk in January, with the understanding that the Equation Group would then tell Microsoft and the vulnerability would be patched. "Unwitting HUMINT [Human Intelligence]", the group claimed in its blog. "Witting HUMINT. Russian, China, Iran, Israel intelligence all doing same at global tech companies".

Shadow Brokers announced on their blog that they will be releasing more of the stolen data monthly, comparing this "data dump service" to "wine of the month club" for hackers.