Goldie Hawn says forgiveness is important because 'men are men'


The 35-year-old actress was spotted on a vigorous workout in NY on Thursday after jetting back from a promotional trip to the United Kingdom for her new film Snatched.

If you are headed to the movies this weekend, there is a little something for everybody.

This movie has two sensational gags at the beginning: one with Schumer making conversation while trying on clothes in a store (a supporting cameo here for Katie Dippold herself) and one where Goldie Hawn misunderstands the hotel's tradition of the welcome cocktail.

"Because they come up all the time for women whether they are movie stars or not". Also featuring in "Snatched" are Wanda Sykes as Ruth, a character that talks far too much, and Joan Cusack as Barb, a character who does not talk at all, which seems like a terrible underuse of a wonderful actress.

Schumer has made a career of playing drunken messes, and her role here is no exception.

Plus, she was ready to get back in front of the camera.

Like the Ghostbusters movie before it, Snatched drops some comedy mega-stars into a played-out plot built on swampland and expects the whole thing to stay afloat given the screen talent employed. Schumer is always entertaining and makes the most of it. Director Jonathan Levine (The Night Before) pushes for laughs that are increasingly outlandish. Only because we are meant to believe that Emily pouring water into a well somehow means she's now selfless.

Ultimately, the biggest problem with Snatched is that it isn't very amusing.

The problem with Snatched is that a scenario of two women being kidnapped is about as unfunny as you can get for starters, and writer Katie Dippold (who co-wrote the very bad Ghostbusters reboot) doesn't come up with a series of events that feels original. All of us can also relate to an overanxious parent who's just a bit too involved in your life at the expense of her own and doesn't know where the line is. There is one sequence which thankfully isn't available online, but whether or not you think it's worth the price of admission is up to you. "It's just like ... then you have to take care of them, the kids". However, there's one glorious exception, a sublime piece of proper laugh-out-loud physical comedy that involves a visit to a jungle doctor.

Despite being warned by fellow American tourist Ruth (a zany Wanda Sykes) not to have more drinks than she has breasts, Emily gets plastered and naively agrees to see James (Tom Bateman) again the next day, dragging Linda along for a special "back roads tour"- with surprise, surprise, no mobile phone coverage - that ends up getting them kidnapped. "And after everything this year, like, that's what you're talking about? OK".