French Socialists prepare to expel Manuel Valls


39-year-old Macaron stepped down as leader of En Marche! to concentrate on his new job. The newly elected French president set out plans in his manifesto to introduce a "Buy European Act" which would effectively restrict the ability of companies operating mainly outside of the bloc to access public procurement deals.

Earlier in the trading session, the euro had jumped above $1.10 to a six-month high as it became clear Macron won nearly two-thirds of the votes in the second round of the election in France. He was elected with a strong mandate which he can take as a strong position in the negotiations.

British Prime Minister Theresa May told the French President-elect, Emmanuel Macron, that she looks forward to work with him on a range of shared issues and reiterated the UK's desire to have a strong partnership with the European Union after its exit from the economic bloc.

Unions held protests Monday in Paris' Place de la Republique against Macron, a pro-business centrist and former Socialist economy minister who they consider as a traitor for allegedly threatening worker protections with economic reforms.

Monday also marked decades of peace in Western Europe, something Macron made a cornerstone of his campaign against Le Pen's brand of nationalist populism.

Emmanuel Macron's victory in France's presidential election is the biggest step yet in pursuit of pushing the idea of joint euro zone bonds past robust German opposition, the author of one of the first proposals for such a scheme told Reuters.

Macron wins French presidency but hurdles remain in campaign to governEmmanuel Macron steps into his new role as France's President-elect.

Guillaume Balas, who co-ordinated Hamon's platform, said Valls "excluded" himself from the party with his allegiance to Macon's movement.

"The National Front is a tool that will evolve to be more efficient, bring even more people together after the number of voters we reached last night".

Electoral maps of the country that chart her party's progress over the past decade show more and more districts falling to the far-Right group in local, regional and presidential elections.

Macron won the election taking 66.1 percent of the vote, compared to the 33.9 percent won by Le Pen.

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin said the French result sent a message that Putin's worldview has been "rejected by European voters".

"Emmanuel Macron's victory gives markets a much deserved breather from European politics".

The hacking of the Macron campaign Friday night ahead of the French elections served as a reminder of the run up to the United States vote, when hacked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign staff were published by WikiLeaks.

It last slipped 0.2% to $1.0975 against the dollar, and to 123.76 yen, also down 0.2%.