Destiny 2 Gameplay Official Revealed, Watch Here


Today is a big day for Destiny community as Bungie and Activision will unveil the first Destiny 2 gameplay at a special Live Stream event. There is something for nearly every type of gamer in Destiny 2, including gameplay for solo, cooperative and competitive players set within a vast, evolving and exciting universe.

Destiny 2 will launch on September 8, 2017 at PS4, XboxOne and PC. The first game, while having a solid social experience, fell quite short in terms of story. The Guardians fall at the hands of Commander Ghaul.

Last but not least, Activision released the following brand new screenshots for Destiny 2! Each of the three available player types will have new classes. Originally, Bungie supported "Destiny" on PS3 and Xbox 360 until August 2016.

The first is Adventures - short side missions with their own self-contained stories and a glimpse into the universe of Destiny and the characters that live within it.

There's a new PvP game mode which is an evolution of Elimination mode.

Yes, the PC version of Bungie's multiplayer first-person shooter will feature more frames per second (fps) than its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One counterparts.

You'll be able to test out that new system during the Destiny 2 beta, which launches "this summer" (winter in Australia).

Read on for a complete and ongoing history of all the reveals from Destiny 2, which is now available for pre-order.

A key announcement during the livestream was about a new feature called "Guided Games", which makes it easy for all players to experience the most challenging and rewarding activities the game has to offer. Plus, they'll have bonuses for all clan members so any individual bonuses gets shared amongst the group.

If Destiny 2 is coming to, this raises all sorts of questions.

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