Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings: Republicans would have already impeached Hillary Clinton


After Trump admitted on national television that he fired FBI Director James Comey for his investigation into those ties, The New York Times reported yesterday (May 16) that Trump also pressured Comey to drop his criminal investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for his communication with Russian officials.

Had Simpson noticed any shift in his own leadership in the last couple of days, following the various bombshell reports that have come out against Trump, that might make them more amenable to a commission?

"We are writing to request that the Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee launch an immediate joint investigation into whether President Donald Trump and his top officials are engaged in an ongoing conspiracy to obstruct the criminal, counter-intelligence, and oversight investigations now being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, and Congress into members of his presidential campaign and their contacts with Russian officials", the letter, published on the Oversight Committee website on Tuesday, said. Eric Swalwell and Elijah Cummings called the Protect Our Democracy Act.

"If there was ever a time for Republicans and Democrats to unite and say this democracy is worth protecting, it's now", Swalwell said.

For reference, the letter compares the Oversight Committee's response to Trump's termination of Comey - which POTUS and his deputy press secretary have admitted was motivated by a desire to stop the FBI's investigation into Trump campaign collusion with Russian Federation - to the committee's conduct regarding its investigation into Hillary Clinton.

At a minimum, if the bill comes to the floor, Republicans will be forced to vote publicly either for or against such an investigation.

Discharge petitions rarely work. "We reject these claims and will contest them vigorously", spokesman Matt Burns said.

President Donald Trump may be "unfocused" and obstructionist, but that doesn't leave the public helpless, a California congressman said in an interview Wednesday. "There are a lot of unanswered questions".

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz demanded proof of those conversations, while inviting Comey back to Capitol Hill to testify.

At this point, it's too soon to tell what action, if any, the two committees will take with regard to this latest scandal involving our president, but I think the American people have had about enough of this reality show, and we are ready for it to be canceled already. It is rarely used, but Republican intransigence on this subject has made it necessary.

Democrats have been pushing for a special prosecutor or independent investigation of Russian Federation and the election, and possible links between the Trump's associates and Moscow as the Republican campaigned for president. "I didn't even sign an immigration discharge petition". "The last thing I'm going to do is to prejudge anything". "We need facts, not speculation, let's get some facts!" Its members would be appointed by Republican and Democratic congressional leaders.