Brady signs deal to pitch $212K Aston Martin car


Brady will be promoting (and driving) the Aston Martin DB11 as part of the deal.

The cars have been mainstays in the James Bond books and movies, with Bond's exploits often captured inside of a fast-moving Aston Martin.

Earlier this year, Aston Martin announced none other than all-pro New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had signed on for future promotional efforts.

"Tom is an inspirational leader and athlete who is clearly aligned with our view of Aston Martin", said Marek Reichman, Aston Martin's VP & Chief Creative Officer.

You can pay to work out like Tom Brady and eat like him, but if you're planning on driving the same auto as the New England Patriots quarterback, it's time to check that bank account.

Brady, a longtime customer, drives the new 2017 Aston Martin DB11, which retails for about $215,000.

The 104-year-old handmade auto brand recently embarked on a plan that includes a wider outreach and a greater diversification of its portfolio of cars. The number is not picked at random, of course, as Brady wears No. 12. In a year, under 1,000 cars are sold to customers in the U.S. That's actually a fairly large percentage, as the company only puts out about 4,000 cars annually.

"As a longtime fan and driver I am honored to join the Aston Martin team at this special moment in the company's history", Brady said in a press release. He also recently developed a line of custom meal delivery kits through Purple Carrot and sells gear and nutritional paraphernalia under the umbrella of his own "TB12" line on his website.