Vets can go to CVS 'Minute- Clinics' for minor illnesses


"We will fight each and every day to deliver the long-awaited reforms our veterans deserve and to protect those who have so courageously protected each and every one of us", the president said.

Congress established the Choice Program with $10 billion following the VA's 2014 wait-time scandal in order to get veterans quicker access to care.

The Choice program allows some veterans to apply their federal health benefits for care in the private sector, ABC News reported.

Trump signed a law extending the pilot "Veterans Choice" program, which allows some veterans to receive healthcare from local doctors and hospitals closer to their homes than the VA's 150 hospitals and almost 1,000 outpatient clinics. He said Wednesday that the plan is due in the fall. "By working together we're going to continue this progress". John McCain and Johnny Isakson, veterans groups and VA Secretary David Shulkin.

"Veterans in need of routine health care services should not have to wait in line for weeks to get an appointment when they can visit community health centers like MinuteClinic to receive timely and convenient care", he said.

Shulkin said a new program needs to pass Congress and be implemented by the end of the year.

"So this is called the Choice Program Improvement Act".

"As we mark the three year anniversary this month of the scandal in care at the VA, the enactment of the Veterans Choice Program Improvement Act sends an important message that we will not send our veterans back to the status quo of unending wait-times for appointments and substandard care".

"I came to the conclusion we have to maintain a strong VA", Shulkin said on C-SPAN. They provide vital services, but rely on partnerships with private-sector doctors, clinics and hospitals to provide specialty care, or appointments that don't require hours of driving.

Trump is expected to dedicate a White House press conference to veterans issues next week.

The president stressed that veterans have not been taken care of properly and pledged to bring about additional positive changes.