US VP Pence says to North Korea: 'The sword stands ready'


Kim Il-sung's grandson, Kim Jong-un, now heads the Pyongyang regime.

Pence also told the troops that Trump wants to resolve the standoff with North Korea "through peaceful means, through negotiations" if possible.

It's easy to laugh at the gaffe, but Trump's ignorance about the leadership of one of the most risky nations on earth is deeply worrying given that tensions between the USA and North Korea are increasing by the day. "We are with you 100 per cent". "I think that the action that he took in Syria shows that when appropriate, this President will take decisive action". The US also dropped the "Mother of All Bombs" - said to be the most powerful non-nuclear bomb - on Afghanistan, ostensibly to target Islamic State terrorists. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong un is seen waving to the crowd during the festivities.

Asked what North Korea must do, he repeated that "all options are on the table, and there they will remain".

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and visiting U.S. Vice President Mike Pence reaffirmed the Japan-U.S. alliance and the importance of cooperating with other countries in the region to peacefully realize a denuclearized Korean Peninsular. South Korea has convened a National Security Council meeting after the failed test, saying in a statement their government "condemns this serious threat on the Korean peninsula and overall global society".

In Japan, they said Pence's two main goals are to spur increased USA access to Japanese markets and strengthen Japanese foreign investment.

South Korean presidential candidates clashed on Wednesday night in a TV debate over the planned USA -supplied Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system which has angered China, with frontrunner Moon Jae-in criticised for leaving his options open.

"But at the same time", the prime minister said, "dialogue for the sake of dialogue is valueless and it is necessary for us to exercise pressure North Korea so that it comes forward and engages in this serious dialogue".

According to the report, the military might attempt a missile shoot-down with an Aegis missile-defense system aboard a United States navy destroyer.

"Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before".

But any strikes against the North would probably bring the USA into a diplomatic crisis with China, the North's main economic lifeline.

North Korea has a long history of portraying mock violence against the United States in propaganda videos.

Russia, too, warned that the Trump Administration was on what Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called a "very risky path". Lavrov added that he hopes the United States will not take any unilateral action against Pyongyang.

Later Monday, Pence said in a joint statement alongside South Korean Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn that the United States' commitment to its ally is "iron-clad and immutable".

The U.S. military's Pacific Command explained that the USS Carl Vinson strike group first had to complete a shorter-than-initially planned period of training with Australia.

Mr Trump has been pressuring China, North Korea's benefactor, to help defuse the situation, but has also warned that the U.S. will settle the issue alone if other countries will not help.