UK woman who urinated on Trump golf course loses case


Environmental activist Rohan Beyts has revealed in court that she was "really upset" when she discovered Donald Trump employees had photographed her allegedly urinating on the president's golf course.

Rohan Beyts, a long-term opponent of the Trump International Golf Links (TIGL) on the northeastern coast of Scotland, had sought 3,000 pounds ($3,745) in damages at the Edinburgh Sheriff Court over the incident past year which she said had left her shocked and upset.

Trump International Golf Club in Scotland is being taken to small claims court after a longtime female opponent of the course claimed male employees caught her on camera urinating on a sand dune.

He said greenkeeper Edward Irvine, 23 - who denied filming the 62-year-old but said he had taken photos of her urinating as "evidence" of what he thought was a criminal act - had given evidence which was "somewhat contradictory and somewhat inconsistent" while Ms Beyt's had been "credible, clear and consistent" and had showed she was distressed.

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During the time of incident, TIGCS were not registered to hold personal data in breach of the UK's strict data protection legislation, despite having a CCTV system.

Mr Motion, however, claimed that Ms Beyts' wide publication of the events through the media and Facebook called into question whether they had caused her distress.

Beyts said she "needed urgently to go to the toilet" and after checking no one could see went in the dunes before continuing her walk. She's been vindicated on the facts.

Beyts had long campaigned against the golf course, and staff said her behavior was in line with someone acting as a professional agitator.

The organisation claimed Ms Beyts had brought the case in a " poor attempt at self-publicity", adding: " It's a disgrace that valuable time and money has been wasted defending a genuine north-east business and its honest, hard-working personnel from this nonsense".

She said she now finds it "more difficult" to go the toilet outside when on multi-day camping trips.

Sheriff Corke said the greenskeeper took a picture of her instead of "giving her privacy".

An Edinburgh sheriff who sat in on this case also said that Beyts should "not have been photographed".

He said they have failed to win compensation "on a technical point". She in turn launched a claim for damages against Trump International.