Trump slams 'failing' Democrats: 'It is now Hollywood vs


Tuesday's special election didn't even make a list of 60 that the House Democrats' campaign arm said earlier this year it wanted to target.

Trump was heavily invested in the race and in a tweet claimed victory, although Ossoff could still win in the runoff.

Ossoff ran his campaign as a referendum on the president - an action the Commander-in-Chief seemed to have noticed, as he tweeted seven times about the race on Tuesday including after the results had been reported.

According to Politico, Ryan will hit the trail in an effort to stave off surging Democrat Jon Ossoff, who fell just two points shy of 50 percent in Tuesday's special election and managed to win the largest share of the vote for any Democrat in that district since it was established.

Ossoff challenges Republican front-runner Karen Handel in the June 20 runoff election to replace former Republican Rep. Tom Price. Ossoff thus far hasn't focused on Handel (a former Georgia secretary of state), but Democratic strategists are well aware that she was once a senior official of a charity group that tried to slash funding grants for Planned Parenthood.

Mr. Ossoff won 48.1%, only 1.3 points better than Hillary Clinton did in the district last fall.

She treated Trump gingerly throughout the campaign in a district he barely won in November, but the president called to congratulate her Wednesday morning and Handel said she hoped he'd campaign for her. For example, Handel - Ossoff's GOP opponent in the runoff election - only raised $463,744 and spent $279,767 as of March 29. "Every single vote Jon Ossoff receives is a rebuke of Trump from within GA-06".

Donald Trump will probably help answer that last question if he gives Ossoff voters, donors, and volunteers fresh reason for outrage by gloating over his failure to win a majority in the first round. And I think it's important in this district.

Republicans in the race are split among Trump supporters and candidates trying to hold the president at arm's length.

However, President Donald Trump is calling this a victory for Republicans.

"The Democrats went all-in on this race", Spicer told reporters.

DuBose Porter, chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, said the district offers the ideal setting for Democrats to prove their momentum heading into 2018.

Having already endured several million in attacks from national Republican outfits, Ossoff said he's ready for more.

With the slogan "Make Trump Furious", Ossoff aims to galvanize opposition to a president struggling with an approval rating that has not topped 50 percent since he took office on January 20, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling. "Glad to be of help!" That alone should make the Republicans cringe.