Truck Drags a Car It Accidentally Hooked


Other drivers honked to get the truck driver's attention, and one finally got in front to stop the truck.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the truck, which was hauling 50,000 pounds of carrots, was traveling up the pass when it approached a slower-moving truck.

There is nothing unusual about that until you look closer and can see the back of a vehicle stuck underneath the back end of a semi-truck that is still driving. Steimke stops too and runs back down the freeway to check out the scene.

It shows the red Nissan Maxima with its front right end crushed under the truck being pulled along the highway, as smoke comes from the vehicle and its tires.

The car's driver said to Steimke: "He's not stopping".

The driver responded and asked, "so far?"

"What do you mean you didn't even know it - he is on your truck".

At that point, Steimke's camera gets closer to the rear of the truck, where the Nissan remains attached.

"The truck driver claimed not to have any idea the collision had occurred", CHP stated in a news release.

The driver of the smaller 1996 Nissan Maxima auto was not seriously injured but his vehicle suffered a lot of damage after being dragged for more than four miles.