The Undertaker Retires With Dignity After 'WrestleMania 33' Loss


As seen at WrestleMania 33 tonight, Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker to hand The Dead Man his second loss at the event. Or something. Either way, Reigns got the pin after a long match that wasn't too exciting, and did nothing to inflate the crowd after almost six hours of wrestling action. When the legendary Jim Ross took to the ring to announce the match, the fans knew that they were seeing The Undertaker in action for the last time. It was also announced as a no-holds-barred match, heightening the main-event atmosphere.

The match was no holds barred, so Taker and Reigns took advantage by battling outside the ring.

Before his final departure however, Undertaker would give WrestleMania and the entire WWE Universe one last goodbye.

Before The Undertaker's music hit, the commentators reminded us several times that Taker is 23-1 on the Grandest Stage of Them All. They exchanged some more strikes in the ring, before Taker lifted up Reigns for Snake Eyes in the corner and got a near-fall out of it. The Phenom. He laid down in the centre of the ring after suffering massive blows throughout the match - inside the ring and outside - including a spear over the announcer's table.

Followed by Taker removing his jacket, folding it up and setting it on top of the gloves. He then took a chair and landed some shots on Roman.

Taker went for another Tombstone, but Roman got out of it and hit him with the Superman punch. So what will be happening next for Roman Reigns on Raw? Another spear only got a two-count for Reigns.

Things should become clearer on Raw on Monday, but if The Undertaker did plan to wrestle ever again he did a good job of convincing otherwise on Sunday night post-match.

Since it had been confirmed they were leaving rival promotion TNA earlier this year, rumours of a return to the WWE, where they made their name in the late 1990s and for much of the 2000s, had been mooted.

Taker then slowly left the ring, and went to the ringside area to greet his wife Michelle and the rest of his family.