The 49ers Should Select Cornerback Sidney Jones in the NFL Draft


So it wouldn't be surprising to find out that those teams in search of a quarterback are looking to move some picks or get out of the top 10.

The 49ers need a quarterback but might not be comfortable with Trubiksy/Watson second overall. The New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers are also cited as teams that want to move down, with King noting that there a few unnamed suitors who in turn, want to move up draft slots. He only started one season of college football. If they believe Trubisky or any of the other quarterbacks could be that answer, it would be tough to fault them for doing what they have to do to bring that man to Buffalo. In fact, he may not be on the board when the Bears pick at three. A team that craves Garrett may well be willing to make the move up.

Inquisitr reported that if the Browns decide to pick Trubisky, then "a run on quarterbacks could begin" in the first round.

Some analysts had him going to the Chargers at No. 7 overall in mock drafts, but with Philip Rivers coming off his sixth Pro Bowl, the franchise seems more likely to draft a potential successor on Day 2 or Day 3.

Cleveland at 12, if the Browns take Garrett number one (most likely scenario) and want to use their treasure trove of picks (12, 33, 52, 65, 108 this year, with a first- and three second-round picks next year) to move up from 12 to, say, 2, to ensure getting the quarterback they want.

One team closely monitoring the situation are the San Francisco 49ers.

Maybe the Carolina Panthers want LSU running back Leonard Fournette and are afraid the Jacksonville Jaguars would take him at No. 4 overall. Perhaps they want to nearly guarantee getting the quarterback they like (Trubisky?) by giving up their two second-round selections this year along with the No. 12 overall pick.

There is a possibility that the Browns could end up with both Garrett and Trubisky. Just look to the 2016 draft for evidence of that.