Phil Simms Moving From Booth To NFL Today Studio Show


On Wednesday, it was announced Simms will move to "The NFL Today" pregame show and replace Tony Gonzalez.

Simms fills the hole left vacant by Tony Gonzalez, who announced his departure last month.

After spending the past 20 years in a CBS broadcast booth, Phil Simms will be covering the National Football League from a different setting starting in 2017. He was going to be a long-term part of the plan at CBS for the NFL. Instead, McManus believes the former quarterback who was part of two Super Bowl titles with the Giants is entering a new and productive phase of his broadcasting career. Not long. I started thinking about it in a positive way and then I became excited about it. "When we'd be in the booth and getting ready to come on the air, you're like wow, it's all worth it, because it's so exciting to be at the games and have a chance to talk [about] 'em and just be involved and be around all the players and coaches".

"Once it was presented to me, I really didn't have to think long about it".

"Listen, I didn't make any comments for a lot of reasons and you want to sit there and think about it", Simms said. I did not keep Christopher in the loop.

That will be Romo's job now.

As Michael Colangelo of Touchdown Wire has pointed out, moving from the booth should be a smooth transition for Simms. I'll be happy to offer some advice and he's free to take it, but it's like in football. I understand the expectations for what you have to accomplish in the studio. That was probably the most frustrating thing about my job.

"I can't wait to whatever the countdown is and JB comes on the air for "The NFL Today" and here we go and it's going to be great". "He is a man who has really strong opinions and he is not afraid to mix it up with other staff members in a respectable way". He's got a terrific perspective on the NFL.

"I think Phil is vastly under-appreciated and part of that is the overreaction to social media", McManus said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. I'm really excited about this. "One was Verne Lundquist, which I think was handled incredibly well".

"Boomer and I have known each other for years and we do not have thin skins, so we can say anything with each other".