Nintendo rumoured to release SNES microconsole this Christmas


Everybody has their own theory as to why Nintendo pulled the plug on their very profitable NES Classic.

A new rumbling is happening on the web and it's about another retro console making a comeback.

However, not all is lost: Reports are surfacing that Nintendo might actually be releasing a mini SNES Classic Edition later this year, according to IGN.

There should also be plenty of third party games, and we'd hope for the likes of Street Fighter II Turbo, Contra III, ActRaiser, and Super Castlevania IV.

Eurogamer, citing sources "close to the company", wrote: "Nintendo will follow up its smash-hit NES microconsole with a mini version of the SNES". The console, which was called the NES Classic Mini in the territory, is no longer being manufactured in Europe. Despite the demand, Nintendo unexpectedly halted production of the console last week. If it's true, the next Mini Nintendo console is the SNES Mini. If Eurogamer's miniature SNES report is accurate, of course, it torpedoes that theory: why cancel one potential conflict of interest only to introduce another?

Alternatively, Eurogamer notes that the NES Mini being discontinued results from Nintendo's plans to follow it up with a SNES version, which makes flawless sense from a production standpoint but leaves a pretty large number of consumers out in the cold due to short supply.

The NES Classic has been very hard to find in stores and online since its reemergence in November previous year.

It looks like Nintendo has another video game console planned for 2017, and it's a throwback to the early 1990s. We expect the SNES Classic Mini to cost a similar price, if not the same.

Luckily, those who didn't score a mini NES haven't lost all luck.

Launching a SNES mini appears to be Nintendo's attempt to build on the runaway popularity of the NES console that quickly sold out after its launch. That left Nintendo in the unenviable position of being forced to announce the NES Mini discontinuation now, before consumers naturally noticed that restocks simply weren't coming. Playing Super Mario World and Super Metroid with the original controller again is going to be a blast.