NCAA returns events to NC after state rolls back LGBT law


The NCAA relocated to Indianapolis from Kansas City in 1999.

And yes, North Carolina will host some events.

In late March, lawmakers voted in support of a bill that would repeal House Bill 2. The decision comes almost three weeks after Republican and Democratic lawmakers reached a compromise to repeal HB2, which barred transgender people from using public restrooms that match their gender identity.

HB142 still allows for anti-LGBTQ discrimination in private employment and public accommodations, and leaves trans bathroom rights up to a hostile state government, barring local governments and schools from making such rules.

After the state passed the "bathroom bill", the collegiate governing body announced it would boycott North Carolina, arguing the bill did not promote a safe, healthy and discrimination-free environment for athletes and fans.

The NCAA has awarded Division I championships to Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Cary over the next four years. Those originally were scheduled to be held in Greensboro.

LGBTQ groups, which blasted the legislative compromise as a "fake repeal of HB2", aren't pleased, calling the return to North Carolina a broken promise from an organization that had ostensibly taken a stand against transphobia and discrimination just months ago. "It's a state, obviously, that in many ways is synonymous with college sports".

The NCAA says it received more than 3,000 bid submissions and awarded 613 sites a NCAA event.

For example, the first- and second-round men's basketball games in 2020 will be held in Greensboro. "And this new law restores the state to that legal landscape: a landscape similar to other jurisdictions presently hosting NCAA championships". In a basketball-crazed state, losing events such as the NBA all-star game and big NCAA tournament games was also a blow to residents' pride.

But earlier this month commissioner, Adam Silver said Charlotte is eligible to host the 2019 game, although it is not yet a done deal.

Some businesses withdrew plans for expansion, concerts were cancelled and the National Basketball Association moved the all-star game out of Charlotte to New Orleans.

Whitfield said that the team has been working closely with the league to make sure the game comes back - from blocking off sufficient hotel rooms to determining a non-discrimination policy agreed upon by all parties involved in hosting in Charlotte. "I also want to acknowledge and thank the sports committees that reviewed these exceptional bids and made the selections based on providing the best possible experience for our student-athletes, coaches and spectators". I think we can be a force for change. "It's not everything we could have hoped for, but we're prepared to go back".