Millions of Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter


It celebrates the supremacy of light over darkness. The resurrection of Christ brought new hope of eternal salvation for Christians. Christians believe that after the fall of man souls of all people were denied the ability to return to the kingdom of heaven and were doomed to hell after death.

Rev Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo who led the intercession and Rev. Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba who led the service thanked God for the lives of the Christians and prayed for their security. A Midnight Vigil is conducted on the eve of Easter, followed by "Sunrise Services" on Sunday to signify Jesus' Resurrection. The festival is called Easter, Pascha in Greek or Ressurection Sunday. During the Easter season Jesus is highlighted more by churches than at any other time of year other than maybe Christmas.

On the third day following His crucifixion, Jesus was resurrected from His tomb.

In his message, the Archbishop has said, "On Good Friday, Christians the world over celebrated the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross".

Easter is a joyous reminder that Jesus' Resurrection overcomes fear and doubt, the USA bishops said in their 2017 Easter message.

"As we celebrate the risen Christ today, I want to encourage you all that because Jesus lives, we have hope".

She said the Sunday service had also been particularly busy.

"What better place to spend Easter than in church", he said. Many old religions had a Spring Goddess who lived in what is now Germany and knew her as Eastre.

The journey then moved to Friday, Good Friday, the day Jesus was whipped, mockingly adorned with a thorn of crowns, nailed to a cross, mocked, spat upon, pierced by a soldier's sword the day he died. Believers took out candlelight processions on Saturday midnight, celebrating the Resurrection. We renewed two pledges made when we were baptized: to believe in, and therefore, to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul; and to reject Satan and sinfulness. Privott said the historical events that lie behind Easter give meaning to the life of a Christian. Such celebrations are often secularised and focused on children and family rather than the religious aspect of the holy day.