Microsoft rumor: New Surface device that runs Windows Cloud


While we are waiting for some updates regarding the Surface Book and the Microsoft Surface Pro, the tech giant seems to have other plans.

Microsoft has scheduled a special hardware and software event in New York City next month, and according to reports, the tech giant could finally unveil its Windows 10 Cloud operating system.

Belfiore is seen as the poster boy for Microsoft's efforts on the mobile side of things and his prolonged radio silence has been puzzling fans thirsty for more Surface hardware.

Microsoft will slot it into the Surface line of products and call it Surface CloudBook. The interview for Mashable emerged just one day before Microsoft announced its upcoming May event focused on education, and it frequently hinted at Chromebooks and Chrome.

Despite its name, Windows Cloud has very little to do with cloud storage. It's essentially the old Windows RT OS that failed spectacularly a few years back, except now it's built on Windows 10 and runs apps only from the Windows Store, both Win32 apps and Universal Windows Platform Apps.

The rumor mills have widely reported that Microsoft has already developed its Windows 10 Cloud operating system which has been specifically created to target the educational sector. It's likely new hardware will be introduced, and some Microsoft watchers believe it will be the launch for a Windows Cloud device. Foley's theory makes sense and it sounds more plausible than the vague job description without a title, but it's unconfirmed for now. There are huge speculations that Microsoft Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 Tab are going to make its debut in the upcoming event.

Given the education-oriented theme of the spring event in NY, reports suggest that Microsoft corporate vice president of operating systems group Joe Belfiore will be in attendance since his new position at the tech company includes educational advocacy, among other duties and responsibilities. Despite this, there are small chances that this will happen at the event in NY.