Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS


To-Do launches today on several major platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows, and the web.

In addition to the expected and included Microsoft-related features (like integration with Microsoft Office) the big selling point being put forward by Microsoft is To-Do's "Intelligent Suggestions".

Moreover, To-Do is deeply integrated with Office 365 and hence, automatically syncs with Outlook. MacRumors learned that the company is going to release it for the iPad and Mac soon. It combines intelligent technology and attractive design to empower you to create a simple daily workflow. The app even lets you transfer lists created in the latter to the former. Largely by decluttering the daily list of things to do and making suggestions on what needs to be done, based on factors like perceived importance, prior commitments, and so on. Tapping on it will let you see any to-do lists from the day before, along with what items are now due or are in the near future. Microsoft says that, every morning, To-Do starts with a blank slate, allowing you add this day's tasks without the burden of the past.

To-Do, which is already available in preview mode, makes it easier for consumers to plan activities and manage a day's scheduled tasks.

The tasks that you've assigned due dates to won't automatically be added to My Day when they're nearly due, but they will show up at the top of your Intelligent Suggestions alongside other tasks that To-Do believes you may want to complete today. From To-Do's settings menu you can import tasks directly from Wunderlist or Todoist. The company plans to sunset Wunderlist when it feels the new To-Do app has the best features from that older app, but there are no specifics on when that will actually happen.

Experts, like Tadd Axon, Microsoft Services Practice Lead at the IT consulting firm Softchoice, still believe that passwords aren't going anywhere but think that tools like Microsoft's Authenticator can help limit their usage.