Marvel Announces Director Duo For Upcoming 'Captain Marvel'


Variety broke the exclusive news that Marvel has tapped Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to direct the Captain Marvel movie, which features Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. Today, Variety brings the news that Mississippi Grind duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have the job.

Meg LeFauvre (Inside Out) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel's Gamora comic book) are working on the script for Captain Marvel.

The hiring of Boden and Fleck continues Marvel Studios' trend of hiring outside-the-box (and often lesser-known) filmmakers to take on their superhero movies. Boden and Fleck also co-wrote the critically praised 2006 drama Half Nelson, which Fleck directed and earned star Ryan Gosling an Academy Award nomination.

Last June Brie Larson signed on to play the title role in the superhero flick, Captain Marvel. It's still too early to say if these teasers will make it to the final cut or if they will even see the light of day beyond its selective audience at Disney Studios. The character - who gets her superpowers from a fusion of alien and human DNA - first appeared in comics in 1968. That said, all eyes are trained on what will happen with Captain Marvel. The duo will direct "Captain Marvel" according to sources close to the project who were not authorized to speak publicly Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Well, let me know in the comments why you think it will or won't be a good movie. It was their vision for Carol Danvers though that finally won the studio over. From there Marvel turned to extremely competent craftsmen like Joe and Anthony Russo, who made their name directing episodes of Community, to handle the biggest brand-expanding films: the Captain America series, as well as the forthcoming Avengers sequels.

Captian Marvel is scheduled to open in theaters on March 8, 2019.