Marijuana activists arrested at US Capitol on '4/20' day


This could be a huge opportunity for advocates to pass an amendment for marijuana legalization. ("Guess I gotta go buy me a bag now!" exclaimed one disappointed onlooker wearing a bucket hat patterned with marijuana leaves.) One activist from Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a group that opposes cannabis legalization, handed out bags of Cheetos with anti-marijuana talking points stapled to them.

Not that the endeavor is high on the list of priorities for the Trump administration, given the remarks this week from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Legalization would create controlled conditions for the sale of cannabis, he said.

Participants waved marijuana-themed flags and held signs. We spoke with representatives from New York's chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) about how everyday New Yorkers can start working to take action on this high holiday.

The eclectic gypsy stylings of This Way to the Egress provided a soundtrack before they had to leave for the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem.

"Cannabis is the only thing that helps me", Bramlett said. People can also give up to an ounce of weed as a "gift" to another person, as long as they're legal age.

Carey Frick, of Forks Township, rallied Thursday with her son, Balen, who is nearly 11 and is on the autism spectrum.

Medical marijuana bill in S.C.

Rick Nicolazzi, a Lehigh Valley NORML board member from Easton, uses marijuana to treat chronic pain, but he has to get it illegally.

Daniel Proctor, communications director for Aiken NORML, said he thinks it's "ridiculous" that marijuana hasn't been completely legalized.

Recreational pot use is allowed in California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, The Associated Press reported.

Organizer Adam Eidinger said the protesters are calling on Congress to vote on an amendment that would prohibit the federal government from interfering with state and local laws legalizing the drug.

As marijuana supporters celebrate the drug on the grassroots holiday 4/20, the medicinal use of the drug is still on hold in SC. "From veterans, to Republicans, to Democrats", he said.

"What we want is Aiken to be completely synonymous with the rest of the state in legalizing cannabis and having a completely open medical marijuana program", Yarosh said.

Or maybe it just feels slow.

This isn't the first time DCMJ is giving away free marijuana.

"This legislation, I believe, reflects the will of Pennsylvanians who are considering decriminalization on the local level", the sponsor, Rep. Ed Gainey, D-Allegheny, wrote in a memo to lawmakers.

Gainey continued: "As the nation continues to have an evolving conversation on cannabis reform it is inappropriate, if not unconscionable, to continue to subject 18,000 Pennsylvanians to criminal prosecution for minor cannabis possession, and saving the cities and municipalities of Pennsylvania more than $33 million per year in public safety and court expenses".