Luann D'Agostino Opens Up About New Cast Member Tinsley Mortimer


"I wasn't drawn to her right away, but there was a lot going on when we met".

Ramona then revealed that Tom was on a date with one of his ex-girlfriends. LuAnn thought Ramona knew something but wasn't saying what it was. During the conversation, Luann also accused Ramona of calling one of Tom's exes "in the middle of the night" to get intel about him.

Dorinda Medley echoed Morgan's sentiments. Ramona had heard about LuAnn allegedly flirting with a 30-year-old guy in Palm Beach. "I'm afraid he's going to hurt you". Dorinda asks if "you know who" is coming, referring to Sonja Morgan - it looks like Sonja has caused some trouble in between seasons. "They like to have some open time with each other!"

"You've been doing a little Nancy Drew number. I feel so happy, so much more valid and so much more settled", Frankel admits. "You're projecting a lot of stuff", joked Lewis. "I admire girls who change it up, switch it up and move forward - really fast".

Ramona insisted she was only trying to protect LuAnn. "But you know what she said?" And she felt the countess was "turning a blind eye" to all the allegations against her fiancé.

The Ramona Coaster is open for business again.

"This is not the kind of relationship we have", LuAnn retorted. In 2009, she divorced Robert Livingston Mortimer after seven years together. Ironically, her contractor's name is also Mario. And after a tense exchange, LuAnn made Ramona promise not to investigate Tom anymore.

"On Friday, Jan. 27, [Hoppy] approached [Frankel] and a friend at her child's school at around 8:15 a.m. and tried to provoke a fight", the rep added. It's not that I am "interested" in the true definition of interest.

Even so, it didn't seem like numerous ladies cared. "So I think her biggest challenge is integrating with a group of women like this, who have a history and have many years of working together and being friends. really just infiltrating this cast".

Watch LuAnn confront Ramona for investigating Tom.

Each new season of the Real Housewives franchise brings new cast members, delightful new drama, and best of all, new taglines.Bravo has released the latest crop of signature phrases, and while we're not sure anything can ever top Lisa Vanderpump's "Life isn't all diamonds and rosé, but it should be", Sonja's Grey Gardens reference comes pretty darn close. "Ramona is Ramona", LuAnn concluded at the end of the episode. Things happen that you could never predict. Enjoy! She was always someone in NY that I knew. "You just have to dig for it".

"You should advise your husband-to-be that it's a very small city", Ramona warned.

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