Jeter, Bush join forces in bid to buy Marlins


The Yankees great and former presidential candidate Jeb Bush have teamed up to bid for the Miami Marlins, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

Jeter has expressed interest in owning an Major League Baseball team for years - and has even gotten the blessing of the Steinbrenner family.

Jeter and Bush have not commented. They are competing against a NY financier named Wayne Rothbaum, manager of Quogue Capital, a source close to the situation told the Herald. Loria is asking $1.6 billion for the team, but a source familiar with the bidding process said he believes the highest suitor likely will end up paying about $1 billion.

Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria is fielding offers for the team. In its most recent valuation in 2016, Forbes estimated the franchise is now worth $675 million.

"The ultimate goal is on the ownership side, but not right now", Jeter, 42, said in November.

In his playing career, Jeter made $265 million with the Yankees, second only to Alex Rodriguez ($399 million) in career earnings. No slouch in the political arena himself, Jeb recently ran (unsuccessfully) for president but is perhaps more well known in Floridian parts for his stint as the governor from 1999 to 2007. His family has strong ties to baseball too. His brother, George W. Bush owned the Rangers before becoming US president.

While the public may wind up supporting Jeter and Bush, rooting for them to win in Florida hasn't always gone as expected.