Instagram for Android adding offline support soon


At the F8 developer conference in San Jose, California, on Tuesday, parent company Facebook announced an update that will enable browsing on Instagram without the need for an internet connection. For the time being Instagram's offline mode will only be available on Android, as Android is the dominating mobile OS in emerging markets.

Instagram's Android app will now let you browse content that's previously downloaded in your feed, giving you the ability to like, save, and comment on posts and unfollow users even while you're offline. It may be because you're in a rush, or because the idyllic scenery you're shooting is so remote there isn't a data connection. Such a development will definitely help the Instagram users in the developing countries where a stable internet connection is not always possible. Check and see. If you see it, let us know in the comments. The company said they are working on iOS version.

Recently, Instagram revealed that more than 600 million people use the service at least once a month, called the Monthly Active Users or MAUs, and more than three-fourth of those users are located outside the United States. Additionally, users will be able to save any pre-loaded posts to their personal collection, create new posts and save drafts. Once your phone has internet again, your actions will be uploaded to Instagram's servers. You will also be able to view previously visited profiles of people among other things.

While Twitter, Facebook serves it's own goal, Instagram works on its own to a specific set of audience.

Instagram for Android will soon offer a pretty handy, new feature.