IL bill would ban forcible removal of passengers after UAL incident


Days after a passenger was dragged from a flight because United Airlines needed to make room for employees, the airline has changed its policy on transporting workers.

Many people called for boycotting United Airlines during their public relations nightmare last week, but a recent poll shows why those calls are unlikely to become reality. It will require employees seeking a seat on a plane to book it at least an hour before departure, a policy that might have prevented last Sunday's confrontation.

An airline spokesperson told the New York Times that the policy change is part of a broader review aimed at ensuring that an incident like the one that occurred in Chicago "never happens again". American Airlines updated its rules to say that no passenger who has boarded the plane will be removed to give the seat to someone else.

Other airlines probably aren't insane about this, either, as it going to focus attention on passenger service and treatment industry wide.

In any case, United now seems to have recognized the error of its ways, or else, certainly, the mighty extent of the media shitstorm it has dragged itself into, and is taking steps to make amends.

All passengers on United Express flight 3411 will be compensated equal to the cost of their tickets and could take the compensation in cash, travel credits or miles, United said this week.

In a statement released three days ago, United Airlines said: "This disgusting situation has provided a harsh learning experience from which we will take immediate, concrete action".

'A commercial airline that removes validly seated customers without serious cause breaches the sacred trust between passengers and their airlines, ' the bill said.

United Airlines' profit plunged 69 percent in the first three months of the year, and that was before the bad publicity surrounding the dragging of a bloodied passenger off a plane.

Munoz also took to U.S. television to express his regret but lawyers for Dao are preparing legal action after he lost two teeth and suffered a concussion while being dragged screaming from his seat by security guards.