How high have SC gas prices risen?


Midgrade is averaging $2.48, from $2.29 to $2.66.

Minnesota's all-time average high was $4.28 on May 20, 2013.

Drivers can find current gas prices along their route with the free AAA Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The price of crude oil has risen more than 12% since March 21, while gasoline prices have risen by about 5%.

Oil prices crashed in mid-2015 but have been on the rebound in recent months.

Supply tends to be lower as local refineries finish up seasonal maintenance and switch over to a summer blend. Compared to this same time previous year, New Jersey (+43 cents), DE (+36 cents), and Pennsylvania (+35 cents) are seeing significant increases at the pump. The New York state average is up four cents from last week at $2.52 per gallon. The nation hit a 19-month high last week. The U.S. now produces so much more oil than it did in years past that oil prices, and in turn gas prices, are much lower than they were a couple of years ago.

AAA Northeast reports Monday that self-serve, regular is selling for an average of $2.32 per gallon. Moorhead followed similar trends.

Gloucester and Gloucester Point have the least expensive gas nearby, with prices ranging between $2.05 to $2.15 per gallon, says.

Some parts of the Great Lakes region experienced weekly price declines: MI (7 cents), IN (7 cents), OH (6 cents) and IL (2 cents).

According to AAA, the Auto Club Group, gas prices appeared to level off over the weekend after increasing for more than two weeks. "With almost 80 percent of family travelers planning a road trip this year, higher gas prices are making shorter trips to national parks and theme parks the most desired travel destinations".