Giraffe cam with April, baby to end


April the Giraffe, who in a few short months became a global media sensation, gave birth to a boy on Saturday - drawing a mammoth audience on YouTube to rank among the most-viewed live events ever on the video service.

From Britain to Barbados, from America to Argentina, they had logged on at a rate of up to five million a day in the hope of seeing April the giraffe give birth.

The birth was filmed and shown live on YouTube.

April has been the subject of global attention since that live feed was turned on in February.

While Animal Adventure Park, the zoo where April lives, has created an online poll where visitors can vote on a name for the calf, a new suggestion is making the rounds online. Most people I know are animal lovers, myself included.

According to Yahoo!, the live stream was the 2nd most live-viewed channel in YouTube history, with 232 million live views, totaling 7.6 billion minutes of live watch.

There had been false starts before, but this time, two hoofs were peeking out of April's backside. How many times do we see or hear the developing child referred to as a "fetus", "clump of cells", "a reproductive right", or "a choice"-especially when the issue of abortion is being discussed in the public square?"

He added that April's pregnancy was more than just live entertainment, but a teachable moment and source for education. Giddy, breathless news reports, tweets, and Facebook posts included references to April's "baby", such as this reference from the Washington Post: "April the giraffe finally had her baby".

Both mom and baby are doing "absolutely great", said Patch.

It's no secret that Animal Adventure Park has gained quite a bit of publicity following their decision to install a camera outside of April's stall. The male calf has yet to be named.

On Tuesday, Animal Adventure Park announced that the mother giraffe's stance and gait was nearly back to normal, but this hasn't stopped an onslaught of concerned emails.

All of which means that you are definitely not done thinking about baby giraffes. (Check this page for updates on timing.) And only then, at last, we'll be able to put a name to that insanely cute little giraffe face.