Fresno gunman gave police blow-by-blow of shootings of 3 men


Muhammad said seeing his name and picture Tuesday in a news release about the guard's slaying morning helped spur the attacks in which he fired 16 rounds in less than two minutes.

A gunman on the loose in downtown Fresno was intent on killing as many white people as he could, taking down three people in just a few minutes Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Police chief, Jerry Dyer confirmed the killing and subsequent arrest of Muhammad who has increased tensions in a terrorism targeted United States of America. "As he spoke about the shootings and shooting individuals, he did so in a very callous manner and in fact, multiple times, laughed as he described what transpired", Dyer said. The three men killed Tuesday had no known connection to each other or to the shooter, Kori Ali Muhammad, who is expected to be arraigned Friday.

Authorities say 39-year-old Muhammad, who is black, was motivated by racial hatred, seeking to kill as many white people as he could.

Dyer confirmed 17 total shots fired, with a live round left in Muhammad's.357 Magnum, a revolver handgun. He described the 34-year-old as an open-minded person with a sharp wit and a big heart.

Muhammad ran from the parking lot, wrapped his gun in clothing and set it on the ground. The guard, 25-year-old Carl Williams, was white.

Court records say Muhammad has several aliases, including Kori McWallace, Kori Taylor, Corey Allen Taylor and Cory Allen Muhammad.

Wearing amulets and charms to protect himself from evil, Muhammad went to a Starbucks, where he was able to get Wi-Fi, and he quickly learned that he had been identified as the suspect in Williams' death, Dyer said. VIDEO: Police say accused Fresno shooter stated, "I did it, I shot them"He was fantastic, like I said".

"When you sit down with someone for hours at a time, you really get to know someone", said his friend and tattoo artist, Zoombie Laurel, who also goes by Zoombie Nation.

Prosecutors say they are holding off on three additional charges while investigators piece together their case.

Stephen Hughes, 66, said he and his wife rushed home Tuesday after receiving a frantic call from a neighbor.

He first thought the shooting was gang-related, but then he noticed the bag of groceries near the body.

Muhammad appears to be an African American man.

This information was posted on a page devoted to Alex Jones on Tuesday, the same day he attempted to murder four people. So he vowed to eliminate as many white men as he could.

"Allahu akbar" roughly translates to "God is great" in Arabic and is a common positive refrain uttered by Muslims in prayer or in celebration.

Kori Ali Muhammad's criminal history includes arrests for gun possession, theft and drug charges. The suspect showed no remorse, police said.

He was indicted by a federal grand jury in February 2005 for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm for drug trafficking and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, after a Fresno police officer searched his auto and found two large bags of cocaine, a loaded handgun and two rifles, court records show. "At the same time, he said he was not a coward". It is unclear if Muhammad has retained an attorney.