Facebook CEO sees augmented reality's future in the camera


If Facebook's first act was becoming a large social media platform for sharing your reality - posting messages, photos and videos - then its second act will be about augmenting that reality.

AR has also been used to superimpose cartoonish faces onto one's own face in selfies - something that could become a bit more common now that Facebook has added that functionality to its own platform and encouraged developers to make thousands more options.

If you can remember, Facebook made some significant changes to the camera feature across its core apps just a few days ago. But, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to fill that gap and he doesn't care if copying Snapchat is involved in the process. Facebook said it aims to combine a phone directory and Yellow Pages to help Messenger users find relevant contacts and businesses. So, what would be the second step?

On Tuesday Snapchat add the ability to add ability to "paint the world around you in 3-D" with taps of smartphone camera screens.

After the scattershot intro, Facebook got to business - revealing the new tools and platforms for its developer community, which foreshadow where the company and its family of apps are going.

The Facebook boss described the previous rollout of camera functionality across all of Facebook's apps as "act one".

Snapchat is strongly denying allegations by a former employee Anthony Pompliano, who had alleged in a lawsuit that CEO Evan Spiegel had once shot down his suggestion to pursue growth in certain global markets.

Coming on to Facebook Camera, Giphy's integration enables users to add thought bubbles over their head. It even brought Snapchat stories to these apps. Amongst all the latest features, Facebook also announced its wider collaboration with Giphy.

Sure, the technology is cool, I guess, but who actually wants something like this?

"This will all go into the glasses that we want".

"Think about how numerous things you use don't actually need to be physical", Mark Zuckerberg Told Recode where he also talked about his broader AR vision, which includes AR glasses. Frame Studio and AR Studio are new tools for developers to build masks, animations and more.

But, this isn't it. Zuckerberg also hinted at some Spectacle-like hardware in near future.