A cake and golf presidency


"Now George Bush is always on the golf course", said Rep. Patricia Schroeder, criticizing former President George H.W. Bush in a 1991 New York Times article.

Thousands of protesters marched all the way to President Donald Trump's Winter White House in February to protest Trump's presidency, which has been riddled with controversy since it began in January. He said the Trump administration was on "solid legal ground" to make the decision, but added that it was "needless controversy".

The Donald pledged that he would never follow President Obama's bad example.

"We've gotten tremendous criminals out of this country", Trump said. That includes giving more than $70,000 to the campaign committee's manager, Michael Glassner, who was Trump's deputy campaign manager, and more than $40,000 to John Pence, Vince President Mike Pence's nephew, who serves as the committee's deputy executive director.

"Mar-a-Lago is an fantastic estate that has been a very effective tool for (my father) to go down and get to know somebody while not sitting.across a wooden partition, which instantly makes the relationship more strenuous", Trump said. I own Doral in Miami.

Has Trump kept his promises to give up vacations and avoid golf courses?

That figure would put him practically square with the estimated 333 times President Barack Obama played golf in his eight years in office, an estimate made by CBS News reporter and unofficial White House historian Mark Knoller. Around 3,000 protesters crammed onto the streets in Palm Beach at the time, many of them closed off by the Secret Service, to speak out against Trump's policies.

The Republican "news media" has attempted to hide the amount of time Trump spends playing golf but periodically gets busted by the actual news media.

Trump echoed those comments on Twitter, pointing to Central American export MS-13, a gang thought to be behind a quadruple homicide on Long Island last week.

Not to mention, the notion that Trump spends all of his golf time engaged in foreign diplomacy is highly questionable. Unfortunately for The Donald, however, a steadily growing number of Americans are beginning to see him as a fake president.