Zarif leaves for Islamabad for ECO meeting of FMs


Addressing the senior officials meeting preceding the ECO Summit in Islamabad which is scheduled to begin on March 1, Chaudhry said it was an honour for Pakistan to host the summit.

ECO is an intergovernmental regional organization established in 1985 by Iran, Pakistan and Turkey for the objective of promoting economic, technical and cultural cooperation among the member states.

A meeting of senior officials from member states of the Economic Corporation Organization (ECO) in Islamabad on Monday finalized an agenda for a forthcoming ECO summit to be held on Wednesday.

The ECO aims at promoting sustainable economic development of member states through trade and economic cooperation as well as mutual assistance in social, cultural, technical and scientific fields. "It will augment the existing and planned transit and energy corridors in ECO region for greater progress and prosperity for the people of the area", Aziz said.

"The Summit would act as a catalyst to integrate these initiatives into a comprehensive connectivity apparatus of the ECO", said Aziz.

Heading a high-ranking delegation, Rouhani will leave Tehran for Islamabad on Tuesday at the invitation of Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Iranian president's deputy chief of staff for communications and information, Parviz Esmaeili, said on Sunday.

It is aimed at reviewing the ECO's state of affairs, in the light of changing global and regional circumstances.

ECO is an intergovernmental regional organization which was established in 1985 and includes ten countries of Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.