New Reports on Russia Connections Are 'Conspiracy Theories'


Both MSNBC and CNN led Wednesday morning with a New York Times report that members of Trump's campaign had multiple communications with senior Russian intelligence officials before the United States election, as CNN White House video producer Elizabeth Landers notes. Trump has already gone on the defensive Wednesday morning on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Trump's top spokesman, Sean Spicer, raised concerns about the leaking of national security information related to Flynn, saying such leaks have gone on for four consecutive administrations.

"The fake news media is going insane with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred".

"The fake news media is going insane with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred".

"This Russian connection non-sense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton's losing campaign", he said in another post.

The flurry went on, with the president lambasting security agencies for illegally leaking information to "fake news" sources and saying the Federal Bureau of Investigation and CIA shouldn't interfere with politics.

Meanwhile, Trump also thanked a Bloomberg reporter who wrote a positive article about the situation.

The media's johnny-come-lately concerns about Russian Federation were noticeably absent when Georgia was invaded, during Hillary Clinton's "reset" with Putin, when the country was aiding Assad, and indeed, when Crimea was forcibly annexed.

He directed other tweets focusing on whether it was the Obama administration that was "too soft" on Russian Federation and calling it "un-American" to leak classified information.

As they often are early in the mornings and on weekends, the tweets were fired off from his personal account.

Trump was scheduled to hold a news conference at noon Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is visiting the White House. Spicer told reporters the White House legal counsel's office went through a "deliberative process" that concluded Flynn did not violate any laws forbidding private citizens from negotiating on behalf of the USA government. But most clearly wanted to dispose of reporters' questions, calling for the country to "move on" since the retired three-star general had left the White House.