Iraqi air force 'kills 77' in strikes aimed at IS leader Baghdadi


"A reconnaissance patrol conducted a successful operation against the Daesh command in the al-Qaim region".

"We don't have any information to corroborate it", Davis told reporters.

The statement said Iraqi F-16s had targeted the house in western Iraq on Saturday.

US -backed Iraqi forces have completed the first phase of the campaign to retake Mosul, removing the militants from the eastern side of the city last month.

The Iraqi Air Force carried out an airstrike targeting a meeting for Islamic State's (ISIS) militant leaders, officials said on Monday.

Baghdadi may have been injured during an Iraqi Air Force airstrike in the city of Qaim on February 9, the Alhurra channel reported citing Iraq's Interior Ministry intelligence department.

Iraq's military said dozens of other IS militants were also killed in other strikes in the same area as part of the operation.

Several U.S. intelligence agencies declined to make any official comment about the Iraqi military claims. The U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, and sometimes Central Intelligence Agency, track targets and direct airstrikes in northern Syria and Iraq aimed at ISIS leadership and al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate.